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Time is precious so let’s cut to the chase: Will you like this website?


Perhaps, if your life’s purpose is to laugh and have a heck of a lot of fun while you travel the world, read good books, grow mentally and physically, and seek answers to life’s biggest questions.


Perhaps, if you like to suffer horribly, in moderation of course, but after a day or a week of pushing your body to the max, a cold drink, greasy burger, and warm bed all sound pretty good.


Perhaps, if you crave adventure, but also want to stack the odds in your favor against death by: snakebite, drowning, hypothermia, cannibalism, edema, heat stroke, boredom, celebrity gossip, or reality TV.


Perhaps, if ten days mountain biking across Namibia and finally finishing War and Peace both sound like worthy missions.


Perhaps, if you believe anything is possible in this life, and that shining as brightly as you can isn’t tag line; its an obligation, because it shows others what’s possible. 

Visit here for more about exploration, and why that term applies regardless of whether we're focused on travel & adventure, studying big history, or asking big questions. 

Visit here for more about Brian’s books: The Holiday Party (inspirational fiction); From Piggybank to Portfolio (personal finance); The Greediest Generation (satire)

Visit here for thoughts on everything from travel and adventure to inspiration and intellect, themed around helping us explore and understand our world.

Visit here for more about Brian Perry. Brian's passion is inspiring others to grow and have fun by exploring our world and seeking answers to life's biggest questions.

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