Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer

About Brian

Brian Perry is a writer, speaker, and explorer with a wide range of interests, but the common theme running through all his work is a desire to have fun while learning more about the world and everything in it.


Brian's newest book is The Holiday Party, which paints a compelling vision of Heaven as seen through the eyes of a heroic but troubled cop. Set against the backdrop of 9/11, The Holiday Party incorporates wisdom from some of history’s greatest minds and explores whether it is possible to move on from a troubled past to build a better future.


Brian's first book, From Piggybank to Portfolio, explored personal finance for newcomers, and provided simple, easy to follow financial and investment guidelines. 


As far as the explorer bit, Brian found it a little difficult to say out loud the first time he tried saying, “I’m an explorer.” After all, the explorers he grew up reading about had handlebar mustaches and wore pith helmets as they traveled through darkest Africa. Or they sailed across oceans and had entire ships' worth of sailors eaten by cannibals as they explored uncharted waters. But then he looked up the definition of the word “exploration” - the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it; or thourough analysis of a subject or theme.


Those definitions made it clear to Brian that his whole life has been a mission of exploration. More importantly, a belief crystalized that everyone is an explorer and can lead a life of discovery, adventure, and fun. With that realization, Brian decided to dedicate himself to inspiring others to explore, in ways big and small, the world at large and the beauty within. 

More About Brian

Obsessed with acquiring new experiences and knowledge, Brian is a compulsive reader, has visited more than three dozen countries and all fifty states, jumped out of planes, paraglided off the top of a mountain in Switzerland, visited Mt. Everest, surfed in Bali and El Salvador, scuba dived in Belize and Thailand, ridden a camel around the pyramids, taken flying lessons, completed Ironman triathlons, run the New York City marathon without any training, found time to attend five different universities*, and dressed up as Santa to deliver presents to a local children's hospital. 


Additional explorations, challenges, and adventures on the docket include: a winter ascent of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, renowned for having “the worst weather on earth,” an ongoing attempt to convert from a primarily cheesburger and Ben & Jerrys fueled nutrition plan to a DASH Diet style eating program (results so far extremely positive J), reading all the books on the list of the '25 greatest books ever written', and his first ultra marathon, the Ultra Fiord which runs 100 miles across the Patagonian wilderness.


Whatever else he might do, Brian’s proudest accomplishments will always remain, One: overcoming the childhood murder of his father, a police officer killed in the line of duty three days before Christmas. Two: being the proud father and loving husband of a beautiful young son and loving wife.


Brian would love to hear any inquiries, comments or suggestions you might have, whether related to exploration, his writing & speaking, or life in general.  Contact Brian


*for those interested the schools were: Villanova University; The MBA Program at Baruch College; The Fletcher School at Tufts University; The MBA Program at National University; The School of International Relations & Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego



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