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Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
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The Holiday Party

Learn more about this compelling and inspirational vision of Heaven, as seen through the eyes of a heroic cop fighting for survival on 9/11

Here's what people are saying about The Holiday Party:

"I really enjoyed this book. Mr. Perry took his real life story of losing his father at a young age and turned it into what he would like to hear and say if he had a chance to spend some time with his father again. Don't we all dream of that? Dream of once again spending some time with loved ones that we hope are watching us from above?"


By Techie Wanna Be on January 18, 2016

Format: Paperback
Reminded me of Mitch Albom. Touching and moving, I couldn't put it down. An inspirational read.
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a GREAT book with a wonderful message of hope.

"I had a hard time putting this book down." Michelle (Goodreads 5* Review)


"This is one important, thought provoking and worthwhile book I will be sharing with my teens." Cheryl D (Goodreads 4* Review)


"I highly recommend it." Sandy (Goodreads 5* Review)

"What a great book...very touching...makes you want to appreciate and enjoy family and friends while you are still together."


TheOffice (Barnes & Noble 5* Review)

"Extremely touching story that you can tell is written from the heart from start to finish. This book really puts things into perspective and reminds you to stop and appreciate those around you, before its too late." 


chinkle (Barnes & Noble 5* Review)

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