Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer
Brian Perry: Writer, Speaker, Explorer


Finding your way in life and beyond

For some, its religion. For others, a source of inner strength. However we label or describe it, many of us choose to explore what guides us through this world and beyond. What gives us purpose. What gives us strength. What gives us peace. This is the place for more spirituality.


Finding the way to the life of your dreams

Sometimes we suffer. Sometimes we pass through seasons of struggle, where our lives don’t seem to be all we’d hoped they’d be. Maybe it’s a personal illness or addiction. Maybe the source of our suffering comes from a loved one we’ve lost, or that we see suffering. Or maybe things are great, but we know there is still another level of success, of fulfillment. This is the place for more growth.


Experience, knowledge, and good judgment

“We are not reading books merely to check off a list or to be able to say we have read them. We are reading to grow as persons, to know more that we may understand more, and ultimately, it is to be hoped, to act according to our greater wisdom.”


Karen Glass

Big History

From the Big Bang to the Modern Day

Why are we here? Where are we going? What kind of a world will our children’s children live in? The answers to questions like these may lie in a better understanding of the path we’ve taken to arrive at this place and time. This is the place for more Big History.

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